Grocery shopping at Bonanza is an experience like no other...

At Bonanza Lalumière, our mission is first and foremost to ensure our customers’ satisfaction. To achieve this, we offer a variety of high quality products at the best prices. Grocery shopping at Bonanza is an experience like no other. The surroundings recall a traditional market, reminiscent of another era. Our fruits and vegetables are available year round at very competitive prices, allowing you to eat healthy and not put a dent in your budget. Our full-service meat counter offers fresh cuts of meat the way you like them. Basic food items such as oils, pastas, flours, tomatoes, tuna – in a broad variety of brands – will surely satisfy every taste. Our selection of cheeses and cold-cuts will make your taste buds tingle. Whether you want to enhance your favourite cheese, concoct a delicious sandwich or give more zest to your meal, our bakery offers you a variety of bread to choose from. Your visit will end with quick and courteous service at the cash counter, where a clerk will look after bagging your purchases and will accompany you to your vehicle, if you need help. You will surely return to Bonanza to relive this unique and incomparable experience!

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